Flood damage to properties in Lagos state.

The protection against flood damage is an integral part of any Fire & Special Peril Insurance Policy, Material Damage Insurance Policy and a Home Insurance Policy on a building and or its content.

This is often not amplified unlike the fire risk probably due to the fact that fire tends to create a more vivid image of danger and urgency than flood. Therefore many policy holders do not know that they can recover under their policy should they suffer a flood damage.

If you have a Home Insurance Policy or a Householder Insurance Policy, you are already protected against flood damage. I f you have a Fire & Special Peril Insurance Policy or a Material Damage Insurance Policy on your business premises or properties, you are protected against flood damage.

Flood damage in insurance can arise under the following situations:

  1. Flood damage arising from overflowing of water channels. This includes both artificial and natural channels or confinements. E.g. lakes, river,  cannel etc.
  2. Flood damage caused by rain water following an opening created by a storm.
  3. Damage caused by water escaping from a pipe, tank or other apparatus.

Flood damage caused by defect in construction or quality of material used is not covered.

What is the extent of cover provided?


  1. Damage to the property insured (be it building or content) is covered. This refers to the cost of repairing or replacement as the case may be.
  2. Cost of clearing/cleaning or debris removal.
  3. loss of rent or cost of alternative accommodation for a reasonable period should the premises be rendered inhabitable due to the flood.

How can you claim for flood damage under your policy?

  1. Immediately notify your insurance company of the incident.
  2. Take adequate pictures of the incident or damages.
  3.  where you insured the contents, provide a list of affected items.
  4. provide a documented estimate of repairs or replacement cost as the case may be.
  5. take reasonable measures to prevent further damage to your property.
  6. Be sure to keep damaged items for sighting by your insurer’s representative.

You can read more about what Home Insurance Policy covers here.

Please Note.

This article relates to insurance as practiced in Nigeria. There could be some degree of variation when compared with what is obtainable in other countries.

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