Flood damage is a standard exclusion in a Motor Insurance Policy.

Meaning that your motor insurance cover is not likely to have damages caused by flood as one of the items it would provide compensation against in the event of an occurrence.

The implication is that in the event where you car was damaged by a flood, your insurance company is not under any obligation to cover your losses should you file for a claim.

You are left stranded, disappointed, and you end up feeling defrauded. Probably the policy was oversold to you, or you just didn’t remember to ask necessary questions.

You see, the need for you to understand the content of your insurance policy can not be overemphasized. Your policy document contains the terms and conditions of the contact between your insurance company and you.

That said, the good news is that though flood is a standard exclusion in motor insurance, it also is a standard extension.

Extensions and exclusions are part of our technical jargons in insurance.

Policy Extension means those damages or events that your insurance policy would ordinarily not cover, but the policy has been extended to cover them.

Policy Exclusions on the other hand are damages or events that your insurance policy would specifically not cover. Those exclusions are always expressly stated in the policy.

So, in as much as flood damage is a standard exclusion in motor insurance, your motor insurance policy can be extended to cover it. Therefore, when taking up a car insurance, you could request that the policy be extended to cover flood damages. However, bear in mind that such extensions usually come with some additional cost.

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