Abolaji Dairo

Abolaji Dairo is a seasoned insurance professional with over a decade experience in insurance risk survey, post loss adjustment, claims administration and underwriting. He is a graduate of Accounting and an Associate Member of the prestigious Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria.

He provides core technical services in determining the “insureabilty” of a risk, claims investigation and loss adjustment, interpreting insurance policies, and has proven competence in making  sound technical recommendations for qualitative decision making.

He started his career in insurance with Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc. and he is now the team lead Risk Survey & Inspection Unit of Old Mutual General Insurance Company.

His key responsibilities are;

(a). Determining the insurability of risks introduced into the company’s insurance pool by conducting “pre-loss” inspection and survey of risk, and making recommendations to enable underwriters take informed decisions,

(b). Ascertain the validity of a claim by conducting “post-loss” inspections and claims investigation.

(c). Determine the amount and the degree of indemnity due on a claim through effective negotiations, market investigations and interpretation of insurance policies and,

(d). Identify and pursue means of claims recovery through salvage recovery and subrogation rights.

Abolaji Dairo is a blogger and a social media enthusiast. He is the owner and content provider of Insurance Mindset. He engages members of the public on insurance topics through his hashtag (#TalkingInsurance).

He is also a social advocate passionate about Fatherhood and The Boy Child. He has worked with very notable NGOs in promoting sound parenting values especially as it relates to effective fathering and sexual abuse of the boy child. He also engages in social construction through online social media engagement using his second signature (#LettersToFathers).

Passion: God, Family and Humanity.

Personal Values: Excellence, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Relationship and Accountability

Hobbies: imparting knowledge, creative writing, research works, blogging, jogging, board games and networking.

Contact:  email-icon d_abolaji@yahoo.com   image014+234 8024003146
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